The Tarot Court

Online Tarot to Empower Your Future

Get a real tarot reading when you want and how you want it!

Online tarot readings allow you to access the guidance of the cards from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are in the world. Choose how you want to receive your answer and let the tarot shed light on your path!


Chat comfortably using Facebook or Skype. The best compromise: all the information yours to keep and reference while offering the chance to ask questions live!


Just submit your question and find your answer explained in a PDF that you can come back to and read time and again. It includes several pages’ worth of information.


Because sometimes, you’d rather hear the voice of the person reading for you. If you want that special touch to connect to your cards, this is your option.

Who is behind The Tarot Court?

My name is Veronica Dove

I’m a clairsentient psychic, and the tarot is my tool of choice to interpret the images I see in order to help you—because helping you is my life’s purpose.

My relationship with the Tarot goes back some fifteen years, and over that time, I’ve always prided myself in keeping my readings honest, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

Reading tarot online allows me to reach people all over the world, and I have found that once I focus on your question, I get the same insights I would if I were reading in person.

I look forward to connecting with you!

How can a Tarot reading help?

Do you need advice in a relationship? Perhaps you hope to find your perfect partner, or maybe you have doubts about your current commitment. Or is it a broken heart bothering you? Do you want to know if it’s really over, and if so, how to move on?

What about your career? Are you considering a new venture? Switching jobs? Or are you worried about losing your post and facing financial difficulties?

Whether you want guidance in a relationship, seek advice about a career move, or just feel stuck in life and require a bit of light to shine on your path, the Tarot is here to help.

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Are the online tarot readings offered by The Tarot Court accurate?

Take their word for it…