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A tarot reading by chat or instant messaging (IM), or by phone, is the absolute best option if you want to ask questions on the go, as the reading happens. It combines the best of in-person and email readings because it allows you to interact with me and with the reading in real-time, guaranteeing all your doubts are solved and all your worries are addressed.

You can ask any question on any subject. When our reading starts, I’ll customize the spread to tailor it to your specific needs, and I’ll talk you through it as if you were sitting right in front of me. This will allow you to input comments and request clarification as we go because the old saying sometimes is true: there are answers that require additional questions! If this turns out to be the case for you, we can pose those questions in the same session to ensure you walk away with clear insight and all the information you might need.

Read through this entire page to make sure you know how to order your live tarot reading!

What to expect

For live readings, we’ll meet either on Skype or through Facebook. The conversation, whether it happens via IM or chat or on the phone, will follow these general lines:

  • Your question: we start with you telling me your question, or what you hope to learn from the session. Details are important because they help me aim my focus, and the information we get will be clearer the clearer the question is. However, if you wish a general reading, just let me know and we can do that as well!
  • Intro: if this is your first time with me, I’ll tell you what to expect from a tarot reading while I focus on your question, shuffle and deal the cards on a custom spread chosen on the spot for you.
  • Card message: starting from the broader picture, we’ll work our way through your spread, gaining all the relevant information in as orderly a way as possible.
  • Additional questions: if the reading prompts you with an additional question or you wish to explore alternate possibilities in your future, we’ll draw extra cards to address those concerns.
  • Take away: once finished, I’ll sum up the major points of the reading for clarification, to make sure you haven’t missed any key information.

Choosing how much time to book

Here’s a quick side-by-side overview so you can choose the best fit:

15 minutes


Best for Clear-Cut Questions

Chat or e-mail

Usually allows for 1-2 extra questions

30 minutes


Best for Complex Questions

Chat or e-mail

Usually allows for 2-3 extra questions

Best for questions involving several people or a delicate background


It’s important to note that any question can be answered in any amount of time. However, the more rushed we are, the less we can dig deep into detail—and the action plan, the multiple choices, and the consequences of each are usually in the details!

The process

From the moment you decide to book a live reading with The Tarot Court to the moment you start your session, this is what the full process looks like:

  1. Choose whether you prefer chat or live call. Please check the video in the homepage to hear me speak: I have an accent and I don’t want you to purchase a call just to be uncomfortable with it!
  2. Consider the amount of time you’ll need. Then, use the wizard below to reserve your spot. Super important: please choose a time at least 24 hours from the moment of purchase. If you need your reading NOW, get in touch to verify whether I can accept a rush order. Sometimes I have in-person clients and I need to ensure there is no overlap.
  3. Once you’ve selected your time slot, scroll up to order the reading you chose.
  4. During Check-out, be sure to fill in the Notes field to let me know whether you’ve chosen chat/IM or call, and include a way to get in touch at the appointed time. For example, chat/IM clients would require a Skype or a Facebook user, while call clients would need a Skype user that I can connect with.
  5. Keep an eye on your inbox. You’ll receive an e-mail from The Tarot Court letting you know that we’re processing your order.
  6. If all goes well, I’ll get in touch via the specified channel at your appointed time for your reading.

Booking your appointment

Accuracy of online readings

Yes, an online reading is as accurate as an in-person reading.

I will shuffle the cards after meditating and while focusing on you and your unique situation, just as if you were sitting for an in-person tarot reading. The reading process is exactly the same as it would be if you were present: all the benefits of a tarot reading from the comfort of your home!