Tarot reading by chat


Please read carefully the description on how to properly book your tarot reading by chat!


What does a tarot reading by chat include?

A tarot reading by chat, or instant messaging (IM), is the absolute best option if you want to be able to ask questions on the go, as the reading happens. It combines the best of in-person and email readings because it allows you to interact with me and with the reading in real-time, guaranteeing all your doubts are solved and all your worries are addressed, and it can be easily saved and kept for future reference.

You can ask any question you might ask on an email reading, on any subject. When our reading starts, I’ll customize the spread to tailor it to your specific needs, and I’ll talk you through it as if you were sitting right in front of me. This will allow you to input comments and request clarification as we go because the old saying sometimes is true: there are answers that require new questions! If this turns out to be the case for you, we can pose those questions in the same session to ensure you walk away with clear insight and all the information you might need.

Is a tarot reading by chat accurate?

Yes, it is as accurate as an in-person reading. I will center and shuffle focusing on you and your question, just as if you were sitting for an in-person tarot reading, and I will draw the cards in a spread especially chosen to suit your situation. Then, I will talk you through it and explain each card in its position, as well as the overall meaning of the spread, as if you were sitting for an in-person reading. All the benefits, none of the hassle!

How much time should I book?

It depends on the complexity of your question. Of course, you’ll get more information out of a 40-minute reading, but some situations don’t require that level of exploration to offer straight-forward, spot-on advice, and in those cases, a 20-minute reading would be just the thing.

When in doubt, you can start by booking the 20-minute reading to get a first look at your issue. If by the end of the session you feel you need more information, you can always book a second session. That way, you won’t feel like you’ve wasted minutes when a shorter reading can do the trick.

Booking your tarot reading by chat

The process has two steps.

First, you should request your appointment. You can do it using this wizard below. PLEASE NOTE: Give me at least 24 hours’ notice in order to adjust my schedule. For instance, if you’re making your appointment today at 2 P.M., don’t request a time earlier than tomorrow 2 P.M. 

Now, scroll up and purchase your Tarot reading by chat normally. Please make sure that you purchase the duration you booked (eg. if you booked 20 minutes, purchase the Concise option; if you booked 40 minutes, purchase the Detailed option).

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: You don’t have to send in a question beforehand with this service. Instead, use the space at checkout to let me know if you’d rather use Skype or Facebook Messenger, and let me know your username so I can get in touch for your session.