People are not made to be alone. We crave connection, and it’s only natural that we ponder how to attract love to our lives.

This five-card spread has been designed to help you identify what you need and to give you direction on what to do (and what not to do) if you are looking for a partner in the near future.

How this spread can help you to attract love to your life

This powerful spread will work on two different fronts:

First, it will address how ready you are for love. You may think this is an easy answer, but have you ever wondered why you always seem to end up with the same type of romantic partner? Why your relationships start off great but seem to crash and burn all for the same reasons?

There’s a root cause for that.

How we approach love and what we believe about relationships and about ourselves will shape the perception our potential partners have of us. If we portray something we are not, or if we keep seeking a relationship despite festering emotional wounds that keep us tied to the past, we are bound to fall into old patterns and make old mistakes over and over again. This aspect is the first thing we must address when we are looking to meet someone special.

Then, this spread will give you specific instructions on what you should do or not do to successfully attract your most compatible romantic partner. Knowing yourself is important, but the tarot is all about giving you actionable advice and empowering you to take the reins of your life!

And of course, the cards will then offer a snapshot of what is most likely to happen should you follow the advice given.

Attract love to your life

1:This card represents your current views on love. Are you ready for it? If you want to find love, you need to be open to it. Sometimes, you think you’re ready and looking but you’re in fact sabotaging yourself. Avoid that trap!
2:This card represents a toxic belief or an old wound that keeps you from forming the best attachment. It’s something you should do your best to change before you start to actively try to attract love to your life.
3:Take action! Start doing this to attract love (and to make it the best possible match). This might help you meet this most compatible person, or it might help you get noticed or change the way someone sees you.
4:Don’t do this! This card represents a habit or behavior that stands in the way of love. It can represent a destructive tendency, a warning about something you tend to do (the Achilles’ heel of your relationships), or point to something detrimental only in this particular case.
5:What’s the potential of the relationship you’ll find if you follow the advice? Something fleeting but touching, fun and passionate, a healing step, or the love of your life? Of course, like any relationship, it might take work and it might not be easy, but some relationships have the potential to deeply touch your heart and soul while others are meant to be a summer’s romance. Either way, once you attract love, this card can hint at what’s coming.

Ready to get started and find love?

If you want some insight into the relationships in your near future and how to attract love or find your most compatible partner, this is an excellent spread to better understand your situation and get clear, actionable advice. You can order this type of reading: just mention it during your love and relationships reading checkout and I’ll personally consult the cards for you. You’ll have your .pdf reading detailing how to attract love in your inbox in under 48 hours.

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