At times you may feel stuck, now knowing how to bring joy to your life. It isn’t quite depression, and it isn’t quite not knowing what to do next in life. It’s a strange feeling of ennui, of not being able to muster enough enthusiasm for things you should be excited about. The worst part? You can’t tell why you aren’t enjoying your life as much as you think you should.

If any of that feels familiar, this five-card spread has been designed just for you. What you think will make you happy may not be what you need. You may be passing up the chance of your life without realizing it. This spread will help you look at the core of the matter and will let you know how to bring joy to your life right now and in the long term.

How this spread can help you to bring joy to your life

This powerful spread works in a one-two combo:

First, it will find the lie that causes blockage. It will pinpoint that one thing you thought you wanted or needed to do which is causing more harm that good.

Be prepared! Sometimes, the idea that you need this or that to be happy is so deeply ingrained that learning you have been working for an imaginary construct that doesn’t respond to the needs of your soul can come as a shock.

Of course, other times you’ll suspect where the issue is beforehand, but this spread can bring a number of surprises as well as more joy!

Then, once you know which aspect of your life you’ve been struggling with which didn’t deserve your focus, the main part of the reading will focus on shining light on where you should be focusing instead.

On top of letting you know the real goals you should be pursuing, the cards will offer insight into those goals as they relate to your current situation, and finally, the reading will wrap up with one piece of urgent advice, one actionable tidbit of information to get you moving in the right direction to bring joy to your life.

Bring joy to your life tarot spread

1:This card is the wrong goal: the one thing you’ve been focusing on and pursuing, the one thing you need to acquire in order to be happy. Right now, this card symbolizes where you are wasting your energy and the cause of your feelings of discontent.
2:This card represents the goal that resonates with your soul. This is the one thing you actually need to bring joy to your life right now, the one thing you want as opposed to what other people have said you should want.
3:Change this to shift your views! This card is all about learning what you need to change in your life to start pursuing the right goal. It could be your routine, your views, your focus… Whatever it is, making this change should be noticeable right away in how happy and un-stuck you feel in life.
4:Rome wasn’t built in a day, you can’t overhaul your life overnight either. This card represents something you might not like but should learn to live with. Perhaps because it’s good for you, perhaps because you need to prioritize and focus on something else first… Do your best to make your peace with this card.
5:This is one key action, one piece of actionable advice you’d do well to heed. Sometimes it’s a nudge in the right direction, sometimes a red alert before you plunge off the wrong end. It always is concrete and relevant to start the process that will bring joy to your life as soon as you commit to it.

Ready to get started and find happiness?

If you want to know how to bring joy to your life and how to align your goals with your soul’s desires and needs, this is an excellent spread to better understand your situation and get clear, actionable advice. If you have knowledge of tarot, you can give it a try and see how it improves your situation. Why don’t you pop over at Facebook to chat over your results?

If you’d rather hear it from an unbiased party, you can order this reading spread: just mention it during your personal growth or general tarot reading checkout and I’ll personally apply it for you.

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